5 Decorating Staples That Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to decorating your home, you may be the kind of person who is not a serious risk taker. There are major trends in the magazines and on the ‘design runway’ that may not necessarily be desirable for every homeowner. I know for myself, sometimes the entire House and Home magazine I receive monthly I will “oo” and “aah” at, day dream about it and then never pick it up again. Why? Well, to me there are certain styles that are seriously unrealistic. Sometimes they can be done if they are toned down, but they tend to be pretty far out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I like an ambitious job here and there, but when it comes to owning a home, some trends can be a big risk. Especially if you plan on selling it one day, it should appeal to potential buyers (not turn them off by the bright pink walls you’ve painted in your vanity room). If you are that risk-taker, you want those bright pink walls, and you are willing to paint over them before you sell, ALL THE POWER TO YA! That’s awesome!

If you are nodding your head in agreement then you are in luck! Throughout every decade or so, there seems to be a handful of popular styles that are fluent throughout the decorating scene. Today we'll explore 5 ‘staples’ and how they are usable in every season, throughout your house to keep it current for many years to come.

Take a look!


#1  The Antique Mirror

Although, sometimes hard to find, the antique mirror is something that will make your home look “old-world” inspired with a simple glance. Once you find the right one for your space, this piece of furniture will definitely add some class.

#2  The Accent Wall

You may notice that the accent wall has been mentioned in a previous blog post called “Ode To The Kids” and that is because the accent wall has many facets. Whether it is done in a solid colour or maybe a display of family photos in a gallery wall, this is one Staple that will always show off your personality.


#3  Metallics

Metallics are generally easy to come by. Especially if your knobs and pulls on every door are done in a brushed chrome or satin nickel. Its as easy as that! A little goes a long way.

#4  The Well-Loved Leather

This is the most comfortable of the 5 Staples, and can easily be mistaken for the overly poofy, overly “manufactured” kind. This well-loved leather is simple and when you close your eyes, you can visualize yourself sitting on this couch in a gentleman’s parlor, engulfed by a cloud of smoke. That is the true essence of this leather.



#5 Books, books and more books!

Aah books. Not only are they great for our minds and imaginations, but they can also be great for that extra pop of colour you need on your coffee table.

And you can never run out!