6 Things That Make a Family Room

Family Day is on its way, and to celebrate this charming occasion where we stop all we do (including work) to see and spend time with our family, here are 6 things that make a family room.

#6) “Warm” elements: Whether it be a fireplace or a simple throw blanket; the family room is the place to get cozy.

#5) Next to the kitchen: Almost always the family room is beside or across from the kitchen. It makes sense to the entertaining kind, and for those moms who have their small children playing in the family room when they themselves are making dinner, it’s convenient to keep an eye on them.

#4) Family memorabilia: This could be as simple as a photo or two, a favourite family game, or even an item collected from Mom & Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary. Who knows! The family displays objects that make the house a home.

#3) Storage: This is a must-have in every family room and usually it is due to the objects accumulated in the last point. So be careful not to collect too much, or storage will be hard to come by and your family room may start  to look cluttered.

#2) Seating: This is essential for the family room. Especially since the family typically gathers in this area after a big meal or for the infamous “family meeting”; there has to be enough seating for the whole family.

#1) The Television: Oh, the T.V. It is the center of attention for some families, and the bane of their existence to others. They could have movie nights, or even certain family members may cater their time around a favourite T.V. show. However, if you enter a family room, 9 times out of 10 there will be a television.