Pine Street

This full custom addition project had us excited to create this customers dream home! After completely removing the roof and extending the ceilings from 6'6ft to 9ft, we redid the entire second floor while protecting the ground floor below, created some gorgeous roof lines, inserted skylights, and re-insulated the entire floor.

For The master bathroom, we built a custom vanity, custom shower glass, pocket doors, Rain shower head, separate bathroom stall, and double vanity.

The bedrooms feature cathedral ceilings, custom built ins, hardwood flooring throughout the floor.

What Our Happy Customer Had to Say:

“When we decided to purchase our home in Port Hope we knew we'd have to start a major renovation since the second floor ceiling height was only 6' 4" and the door frames were only 5' 11". We decided to remove the entire roof line and the interior walls but keep the exterior walls and extend them.

We spoke to four different contractors and none of them had even heard of doing something like this. Three of them saw the project as overly complex so they proposed very complex solutions. And then there was Zak. Zak sat with us and our architect and just said, "easy enough".

Six months later we moved back into our second floor space. 9' ceilings with a 12' vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom and we couldn't be happier.

I can't say enough good things about Zak, Troy and the whole Marchant crew - but I'm going to try. :)

None of the nightmares you hear about home renovations happened with Zak. The crew were always professional, fun, accommodating, respectful and transparent.

Zak was a true partner in this project and not just a "hired hand". What I appreciated the most was his genuine concern for giving us the best final product he could give and looking out for our best interests - that meant challenging our own ideas when he thought we were making poor choices.

Every problem was met with a clever solution and every change we made was met with "easy enough".

Zak was always available to us either in person, by phone or by text. At one point, the roof was entirely removed and the house was draped with a tarp to protect the main floor (which we were living in during construction thanks to Zak sealing it off and making it comfortable to live in during the late winter / early spring months). The weather turned ugly and we got a stretch of rain that lasted seven days. Zak was at our house around the clock, patching holes, rigging troughs to divert rain and moving pails and buckets around. He treated our house as though it was his own.

The quality of their work is exceptional. Troy is the best tile, trim and detail craftsman I could imagine. His work is seamless and his attention to the smallest of details is nothing short of perfection. Our bathroom is a "wow" and magazine worthy, thanks to Troy.

For me there were a few signs we had the right team working on our house:
1) they always did what they said they would do,
2) if something wasn't up to standard they didn't hesitate to either fix it or completely redo it,
3) our architect now recommends them to his other clients (he'd never worked with Zak before),
4) our neighbours fell in love with them, constantly telling us how respectful the team was of their spaces - the crew even helped our neighbours with little jobs around their homes.

The project has been done for a couple months now but Zak is still in touch with us to make sure everything is good. We've had some minor shifts as the second floor settles into itself resulting in minor touchups but Zak stands behind his work and we've made a plan to deal with them together.

There isn't a single part of this renovation that we don't love and if we had to do it all over again, we'd be hard pressed to find something we'd do differently.

This is the first of several renovations we plan to do on this property and I hope this team will be available for the next one.

Thanks guys!” - Todd A.